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Play Structures and Fields

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New play structure installed in June 2017

Multiple play structures and fields are maintained by the Clatskanie Parks and Recreation District within the Clatskanie City Park located on N Park Street. 

Play Structures 

In the Spring of 2017, the Parks & Recreation District was able to replace the former wooden play structue that had been lost in a flood with a new, larger, metal play structure. The new structure is powder-coated and made to withstand the rising water table that can be common in the winter. The structure was assembled with the help of community volunteers on June 17, 2017.

The new structure was installed next to the existing swing set, which features five swings for kids of all ages. 

For folks with smaller children, a small play area sponsored by the Clatskanie Kiwanis is located south of the Pool building and features many kid-friendly play structures. From dragons to slides to tea cups, children have many options for play. The Kiwanis park is also fenced to allow for easier management of large groups of children. 

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Baseball field within Clatskanie City Park


 Multiple fields are available with the Clatskanie City Park, which may be reserved by contacting the the Parks and Recreation District at (503) 728-2038. 

The largest field in the Park is the baseball field located on the southwest portion of the Park. The baseball field includes an announcers box, covered dugouts and home and away bleachers. The baseball field can be lit for late evening games.

Beyond the baseball field is a large grass-covered area that is large enough for high school regulation soccer games. The district is able to provide temporary goals for planned soccer games.

The northeast portion of the park is home to the softball field. This field also features an annoucners box and covered dugouts. 

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Basketball courts


For those looking for a different type of competition, the Park also features two tennis courts and a basketball court. The courts are located between the Kiwanis park and the new play structure. All three courts are fenced to prevent stray balls from getting away from their owners. 

A fourth court has recently been converted to a small adventure park for young children. The former court is now home to a painted roadway complete with murals of travel.